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Clear the clutter in your life and experience the calm WELCOME TO CALMSPACE

How does your home feel?

 How do you feel?

 Do you need to make changes?

 I may be able to help.

 By tuning in to unspoken feelings and the emotional energy of environments, reading oracle cards and/or sharing decluttering techniques, I  guide you to a calm space where you can discover ways to live your soul satisfying life.


Clear the clutter in your life and experience the calmspace 

                                                                                                     GRATITUDES FROM CLIENTS

Thank you for the clearing process you took me through. It was definitely eye-opening. I loved the meditations and processes we went through to get clearer on all my "stuff". You are a gifted healer.

 B.L.   Huntsville, Alabama

Your help with clutter clearing has been inspirational and freeing to me.

B.B.   Midland, Michigan

I appreciated your direction to concentrate on one room or area at a time. You were supportive through the deep emotional pain and memories, of my letting go of the attachment to the past.

As I let go of a whole way of being, you helped

me to take breaks, to be in the moment.

W.R.   Silver City, New Mexico


With humor, Christine helped me go from stale and stuck to refreshed and moving.

G.C.    Huntsville, Alabama