About me and how Calmspace came to be...

For most of my adult life, I have been seeking ways to maintain a calm space within myself and in my home in the midst of change. The death of my parents, a divorce,  an empty nest,  re-marrying, a change in career, chronic illness and the sale of two houses are just some of the events that brought internal challenges accompanied by piles and boxes of "stuff". After years of trying to tackle it on my own, I took a certification course in Clutter Coaching.  What I learned about clearing clutter in that course greatly accelerated my process of discarding, donating, recycling, rearranging, deleting emails, and eliminating dreaded obligations.  I felt much lighter, relieved of burdens and so much happier.   I began to share the process with others with very positive results.  This inspired me to create Calmspace.

The techniques I use in Clutter Coaching combine experience from all my previous endeavors:

 Social Work, ARTplay classes, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki,  Clutter Coach certification training in the Denise Linn Method for Transformation, and all that life experience as listed above!

If you decide to undertake this journey with me please know that

it is my intention to provide you with skills, wisdom, knowledge, and

 compassionate support while you sort,

 and celebration and humor as you

go through stuff...

Wishing you all many blessings,

Christine Kamback

About the logo 

 The Nautilus shell, lined with mother-of-pearl, grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life and so has become a symbol for expansion and renewal.