So what is Clutter Coaching?

  This is the explanation I gave my granddaughter:  

I help people stay calm and go through their houses to make them calm too.

Options for Clutter Coaching Sessions

Sessions are performed in your home or remotely or a combination of both. 

In addition to the two sample options below a customized option is available.

All coaching sessions include some or all of the following as mutually agreed upon:

Inner Journey:  life assessment   guided meditations   vision collages  home drawings  altars

Outer Journey: practical tips and demos on sorting, tossing, donating or selling "unwanteds"

suggestions on room arrangement, etc.

 4 day intensive 

Done on consecutive days or over 1 week

Preliminary Interview    1.5 hours 

 Day One to Day Four    1.5 hours/day

mid-day check-in phone calls daily

Follow up within two weeks    .5 hours

8 coaching hours  (may vary)  

Price based on an hourly rate of $75

28 day Journey

Done over the course of a month or 6 weeks

Preliminary Interview    1.5 hours 

 Session One through Four    1.5 hours/day

4  check-in phone calls   .5 hour/each

Follow up within a month    .5 hours

10 coaching hours (may vary)

Price based on hourly rate of $75


 Reiki is a natural healing modality that directs life force energy to promote greater vitality in humans, animals, plants, and spaces.  It is a Japanese technique that can be used to reduce stress, mitigate pain, clear stagnant energy and promote healing.   Reiki can be used to refresh and calm the atmosphere in the home before, during and after clutter clearing.  It encourages balance in the client, and others  including pets, during the often chaotic process of decluttering.  Even plants respond well to Reiki!